Welcome to my private practice
for Shoulder-, Knee Surgery
and Sports Injuries!


Your body is unique and deserves to be treated as such.

As a trauma surgeon but foremost as a sports physician I consider the prevention of unnecessary operative measures proof of true medical competence. Surgery should only be performed when it is deemed essential and therefore inevitable.
With your help it is my goal to find the appropriate therapeutic measures to cater to your individual needs and thereby optimally activate your body’s self-healing potential in order to facilitate your recovery.

In my private practice (Wahlarztordination*) I spend sufficient time discussing and explaining your health problems, since only a patient who truly understands the roots of his problems can actively participate in their resolution.

Your body is what matters

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Roman C. Ostermann
Trauma Surgery & Sports Medicine Specialist

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Mobile +43-676-934 66 77

E-Mail ostermann@diepraxis-wien.at

*non SHI-accredited doctor, whose bill gets fully or in part paid by your health insurance in Austria

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